Jeff Heintzman


Jeff was born in Toronto in 1951. He had a pretty happy normal childhood, exploring the outdoors, playing sports, and throwing rocks at girls. His parents, actively involved in music, were still supportive when he opted for Fine Art at the University of Western Ontario. Summers he worked for sculptors in Canada and in Washington DC.

When the opportunity arose in Calgary AB to join a travelling band in the early 1980s, Jeff dropped everything and hit the road. He played music the better part of 20 years; painting took a back seat. After the era ended, he picked up and moved to Whistler BC, where he bought and operated a corner market.

The art bug was still in him in 2008 so he enrolled in a Canadian Federation of Artists' acrylic workshop. He became obsessed with painting. He painted anything he could: a landscape; a still life of a brown paper bag, a piece of fruit in a shiny bowl; animals or people. The imagery evolved as Jeff and his wife discovered the Baja. Palm trees, turquoise water, goats, chickens and cactus flowers started popping up.

His style could be characterized as somewhere between "painterly realism" and "impressionism." It was important the images look like what they really were. It was equally important they be seen not so much as reproductions but as "paintings" with a life of their own. Brush work had to be evident. The common thread in the work, right from the outset, was a sense of light - be it reflected, absorbed or filtered.

Jeff and his wife live in Whistler BC and in Los Barriles BCS, Mexico, during the winter months.